Thursday, April 7, 2016

Reflection 6

Dr. Leahy’s lecture focused on the United States and the Middle East both pre and post September 11th.  She focused heavily on the United States, Israel, and their relationship and history with each other. She mentioned at the beginning of her presentation that forty percent of all US aid, totaling to around $3.5 billion a year, goes to Israel. This was surprising because people generally think of foreign aid going to developing and third-world countries, which is not the case when almost half of the money is going to a very well developed country.
Democracy is a point of contention between the Arab World and the rest of the United Nations. In 2006, the first free and democratic election was held in Palestine.  As soon as Hamas won, they leveled sanctions against Palestine and cut their funding. This is very hypocritical because the United States as well as the United Nations both supported and pushed for these elections to take place. However, they did not like the fact that Hamas won, so they took aggressive actions.
The Arab world is also subjected to many Human Rights violations, especially from Israel in particular. In 2006, Israel invaded Lebanon. Hassan Nasrallah only attacked the military. Meanwhile, Israel attacked civilians as well. The United States supports Israel in whatever actions they take and will continuously veto any negative actions the other countries in the United Nations want to take against them. During the Battle of Jenin in 2006, the IDF attacked homes and killed many, yet the United States vetoed the motion that the UN take action against them, so it did not pass.

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